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by By The Fiends

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By The Fiends is the musical brainchild of guitarist/producer Derek Orsi; an eerie, self-titled, twelve step program aimed at supporting the recovering music addict...


released August 14, 2012

Written, Arranged & Produced by Derek Orsi. Mixed by Graham Lessard. Mastered by Ryan Morey.

the cast...
Derek Orsi - Vocals/Guitar/Programming
Jules Pampena - Drums/Percussion/Bass on "Crash & Burn"
Etienne Rocheleau - Bass
Arden Arapyan - Rhodes on "Faire La Fenetre" & B3 on "Serenading..."
Joseph Shanahan - Piano on "Sunset On Mars"
Nir Blu - Piano on "Infinity! The Thief"
Kristina Koropecki - Cello on "Serenading..." & "A Tragic Symphony"
Jennifer Thiessen - Viola on "Serenading..." & "A Tragic Symphony"


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By The Fiends Montréal, Québec

At first there was The Shannon Index, it was all power chords and youthful angst! Then my dreadlocks guided me to a funkier way of being, or as we liked to call it, Kamikaze Baby. They do say "third time's a charm"...and with that I present to you By The Fiends; an introspective look at the mind, body and soul of Derek Orsi. ... more

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Track Name: Self-Portrait Of A Dying Man
i can't breathe
can't look past these streets
been stuck in this storm for years

it's a million miles away
and i can't breathe
a million miles
and i can't sleep
Track Name: The House Is On Fire
they've tried to mask the truth
with seductive commodity

but the well's run dry
and the red tape's come undone
their new slogan's super catchy

our house is on fire!

so give me the round-around...
Track Name: Amnesia Capitala
fly away from here
before they clip your wings
been chasing trails of smoke
jumping in & out of black holes

if you need me it's too late
so don't bother looking
if you need me don't bother
i'm already miles away

it's easy to forget
so easy to forget

running circles
on this roller coaster
get me off this roller coaster!
Track Name: The Phantom Manifesto
this mask is old, tired & worn
think i'll throw it away

what lies beyond trap doors
in dark alleyways
is never as frightening as
the world you create

am i really here
if i can't feel a thing?
vanquished in dreams
or am i just scared?

it's time to pull down the shades
time to turn a new page
so call reinforcement
call in the brigade

am i really here
if i can't feel a thing?
fallen between cracks
hangin' on from a string
vanquished in dreams
or am i just scared?
Track Name: How To Make Peace With...
she says "i didn't mean to wear your fragile peace of mind"

no care "we'll spend our days off in a quiet house by the sky"

she says "i didn't mean to contradict your alibi"

no care "we'll watch ourselves drop one by one in modern style"

i waited for the world's worst symphony

in modern style...
Track Name: Infinity! The Thief
blind is the infant
crawlin' out of your womb
color fails to mesmerize

thrown to the lions
while they march in your parade
a toast to the martyr

self-proclaimed thief
you caught me by surprise

don't wanna be there
when they're calling out my name
had enough of everyone

under attack
the walls have collapsed
and you can't move

self-proclaimed thief
you caught me by surprise
Track Name: Crash & Burn
we're campaigning
for a better cause
we'll carry you through...

like monkeys
on a carousel
we don't care if you...

crash & burn

system failure
signals off
the show's about to start
sit back and watch

a bumper crop of weasels
draped and camouflaged
as your god!

crash & burn

i tried to tell you over & over...
i've seen it happen
over & over...
Track Name: Faire La Fenetre
when you need her
you understand why
but words don't reach her
as she escapes into the night

like waterfalls
of see-through faces
on the evening news
they always look so sad
the two of us
hand in hand through time
can never tell us who we are

i'm tired
stupid and tired

she sees the world
through the window
of an unsound mind
light years away...
Track Name: Serenading The Moon (Under The Spell Of Sadness)
picture yourself free of orbit
long before discovery
and the mad fiends that pulled you out

on the eve of our great king's
fall towards recovery
will the voices in your head drown?

still this flame keeps burning a hole
through the heart of man
there's a cold wind that blows through town

it cuts up the past
in tiny waves of noise
the curtains are drawn
it's time for a new voice

so leave tonight
before this blood red sky
spits fire!
we're here tonight
to watch as it unfolds...
Track Name: The Day He Fell Off The Face Of The World
tumbled through a worm hole
tried to dig my way out
but I fell deeper...

into a dark forest
where strange noises envelope
trees with branches like mechanical arms
that carry me off...

i can't make it home tonight
my ship is lost at sea

yeah, i'm still here
like it never fuckin' happened
no it never fuckin' happened

he did it all for nothing
wouldn't let it go
and no one blinked an eye
the day he fell off the face of the world!

to be in your arms tonight
is a gift i'll only know in dreams
Track Name: A Tragic Symphony
the magic she's in for
sleeps on cloudy skies
with butterflies and violins
a tragic symphony

the magic she's in for
lives in dreamy eyes
sweet messages through mountains
call waterfalls

the magic she's in for
swims in black lagoons
with paper bag mermaids
on wasted afternoons

the magic she's in for
is a shooting star...

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